#4003B / Reformatted // Seraphicus Prominon (Nova Prime)

Capping off this two-piece set for Mastermind Creations' take on Nova Prime is the final form of Seraphicus Prominon which is the core robot combined with the armor pieces from the trailer set. Outside of sharing the same color choices, this armored form looks worlds apart from the vanilla core robot. And so, let’s take … Continue reading #4003B / Reformatted // Seraphicus Prominon (Nova Prime)

#4003A / Reformatted // Seraphicus Prominon [Core] (Nova Prime)

I wasn't really planning on creating the CATALOGUE Entries for Mastermind Creations' Seraphicus Prominon, their take on Nova Prime. However, I can't seem to find the storage box where I placed most of my modern Transformers figures so decided to just go with this guy. Oh, and both the core robot and the armored forms … Continue reading #4003A / Reformatted // Seraphicus Prominon [Core] (Nova Prime)

Plastic Crack: Transformers Size Classes with KBBMP10-V

This is Plastic Crack -- posts with content shared from other collectors that provide inspiration for the hobby or the unnecessary push to buy more stuff. I'd like to open this post by quoting myself on how I defined my Transformers collection prior to "Refresh and Renewal." The Transformers sets will be dedicated to the … Continue reading Plastic Crack: Transformers Size Classes with KBBMP10-V

#4001 / K.B.B.Deformation // KBBMP10-V (MP-10 Optimus Prime)

Third-party Transformers figures have been in the market for quite a while now. They provide great options to collectors not satisfied with main line releases from Hasbro or Takara Tomy. Knockoffs are a different story and while I don't support buying them, there are exceptions if they're exceptional. Such is the case for today's CATALOGUE … Continue reading #4001 / K.B.B.Deformation // KBBMP10-V (MP-10 Optimus Prime)

Ocular Max U-01 Stellarus Prominon (Star Convoy)

TFCon, the largest fan-organized Transformers convention, had recently held its Los Angeles event and many upcoming releases were announced during the 3rd Party Preview Panel. One of groups present in the panel was Ocular Max, kind of a sister group of Mastermind Creations, and they announced a new line and its first offering. This is … Continue reading Ocular Max U-01 Stellarus Prominon (Star Convoy)