Now in my Scale Wheelhouse! Soul Vogue BF 1/144 Sword Shadow & Cannon Shadow

If you recall some moons ago, Chinese model kit manufacturer Soul Vogue released their Fire Shadow model kit with pre-assembled die cast internal frame. Yes, this is an original kit that has some clear inspiration from Star Saber of Transformers: Victory. Fire Shadow is a non-scale piece and since then, Soul Vogue has released Strike Shadow, a similar kit with a pre-assembled die cast internal frame, this time in 1/100 scale as part of their Action Metal line.

Both kits look great in my opinion though they’re not in the scale I collect. But it looks like Soul Vogue is further diversifying as solicitations have opened for two kits as part of their new Build Fun (or BF) line. Think Bandai Spirits and their HG kits. This new line is also in 1/144 scale which is in my scale wheelhouse, so I’m automatically interested.

BF 1/144 Sword Shadow

We first have BF Sword Shadow which is a primarily melee unit similar to the Sword Impulse Gundam. And now that I think about it, the way Soul Vogue uses “shadow” in the names of these kits is comparable to how Gundams are named.

Based on these images, I assume this is how the kit will look built outside the box, so color separation is fairly standard, unlike their previous kits that had pre-painted armor parts — very HG. As far as details go, there’s a good amount of sculpted surface detail that’s beyond what we normally see with HG kits. There’s also an abundance of clear parts used in the main body and its weapons.

Compared to their larger scale kits, the BF line won’t include a pre-assembled die cast internal frame, but it will instead use die cast parts for the joints. I assume these will come in a plastic tray of pre-assembled die cast joint parts.

For weapons, Sword Shadow has buster swords, shorter swords, and daggers — a pair of each for a total of six. Each is stored on the main body itself via articulated arms or 3mm holes that are also compatible with other kits that use the same connection points. I don’t think the buster swords can combine into one just like the Sword Impulse Gundam’s, but they still look great, nonetheless.

BF 1/144 Sword Shadow
Mid-October 2022 / 99元
Order via HobbyLink Japan

BF 1/144 Cannon Shadow

Then we have the BF Cannon Shadow which, if the name and design don’t give away, is an artillery and long-range machine with lots of firepower. It also goes by Gundam conventions with the use of dark-slash-camo green for the armor parts. Personally, I’m not a fan of green-colored mecha designs so I’ll probably repaint this to something else once I get a copy, probably in dark blue or something.

Both the Cannon Shadow and Sword Shadow kits share the same white parts and most of their differences are in the colored armor pieces. Again, I’m not really a fan of the “full armor” green they used here, but that’s a personal preference and not a knock against the design.

Despite being 1/144 scale kits, these two are relatively taller at 160mm, and that’s not even counting the added height of the back-mounted cannons as seen here.

Even though the Cannon Shadow is a long-range machine, you can still put it in highly dynamic poses thanks to those die cast joint parts. The large weapons also create a good silhouette, especially in those “full burst” kinds of displays. It would’ve been better if they also included blast effect parts, but I guess you can steal some from other kits.

Like the Sword Shadow, Cannon Shadow also has three pairs of weapons, two rear-mounted cannons, two double-barrel forearm launchers, and two smaller pistols.

BF 1/144 Cannon Shadow
Mid-October 2022 / 99元
Order via HobbyLink Japan

Other accessories for both kits include a display stand that also acts as storage for extra parts. Speaking of extra parts, both kits also come with backpack adaptor pieces for use with mecha musume kits (i.e. Frame Arms Girl, ATK Girl), as well as the twin peg connector that’s the standard for modern HG kits.

As the post title suggests, these two kits have caught my attention thanks to the good praise from their previous releases. Granted, those are comparable to Hi-Resolution Models while these ones are definitely the High Grades (especially if you brand them under a line named Build Fun). Besides being good designs by themselves, the use of die cast parts for the joints in lieu of a full internal frame also makes me curious, Either I’ll like it, or I’ll loathe it.

If you want to get your copies, just head on to the HobbyLink Japan affliate links I’ve included above.


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