Get Ready to be Excited (or Disappointed): All Japan Hobby & Model Show 2022 + Hobby Next Phase 2022 Autumn (Updated)

Before anything else, let’s get this thing out of the way.

Thanks to the sleuths scouring for new Japanese trademark filings, we already have wind of an upcoming Master Grade SD line some months back, we just don’t know when Bandai Spirits would make the actual announcement… and now we do. I’m not really a collector of SD stuff though I am curious as to what this line would bring. I always thought Bandai Spirits’ best SD model kits were the from SD Cross Silhouette line. Though it appears they’ve decided to regress and go with the SD EX-Standard line for future Gunpla releases, and maybe this is the reason. Maybe they wanted to just have a single line of higher-end SD model kits?

The wait won’t be long as they’ll drop the details next week. Speaking of next week, we have a whole slew of upcoming announcements thanks to a couple of events.

Yes, All Japan Hobby & Model Show 2022 will be held next week and we’re likely to see new stuff announced by major manufacturers like Kotobukiya, Wave, and even Good Smile Company. We should also see stuff from Bandai Spirits but they’ve decided to get stuff out a couple of days earlier.

As they will be having their next seasonal Hobby Next Phase online reveals, covering Autumn 2022. I remember the last Hobby Next Phase this Summer was quite a disappointment so I’m managing my expectations for this time. I am curious, though, about the titles they decided to include for next week’s round.

We of course have more Gunpla from the Witch from Mercury as we’re quite near the series premiere. They’ve also teased a new Master Grade Ver.Ka. announcement as part of its 20th anniversary. My bet is a Ver.2.0 of the original RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.Ka.

We are also getting the next Super Robot Wars OG High Grade kit, following the Gespenst, Alteisen, and Cybaster. I wanted to say it’s time for some Huckebein but I bet they’ll save those for last.

I’m also surprised to see Round Vernian Vifam in this list. It’s not the most popular series from the real robot boom of the eighties but it’s still a recognizable and familiar name. I even have The Robot Spirits figure they released some years back.

They also have a logo for the 50th Anniversary of Mazinger Z so that also piques my interest. They haven’t done an HG -Infinitism- kit for quite a while so I’m not sure if we’ll see a return of those. The last super robot kit they did was HG Getter Arc and it wasn’t exactly the best of releases so let’s see what’s in store.

Regardless of my unsolicited speculations, feel free to watch this space for more of my unsolicited thoughts once the reveals and announcement are dropped.

UPDATE: Smacked right within these dates and across the other side of the planet, Hasbro is also doing PulseCon 2022, and if all the recent Transformers Legacy Evolution rumors are to be considered, it looks like this year’s event would be quite packed too. So yes, more reasons to keep up with upcoming news and announcements next week!

UPDATE: Similar to Bandai Spirits, Takara Tomy is also getting ahead of All Japan Model & Hobby Show with their own Takara Tomy Hobby Expo which would feature up and coming releases from their Transformers, Zoids, and Diaclone brands. Unlike Bandai Spirits though, there would also be physical displays for this event at Akihabara so we should expect even more reveals starting this weekend!


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