More #Ironheart Leaks! Mark 1 and Possible Mark 2 Armors?

Apparently, there was a recent surplus of Ironheart armor design leaks thanks to upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever toys and figures. Let’s dive in!

We first have leaked packaging images of an upcoming Marvel Legends figure which practically gives away the design. Now do note that these usually come from concept art so what we see here and what we’ll eventually see on screen might still be different, but at least we now have a good gist of how her final armor would look.

The design itself definitely has callbacks to Tony Stark’s armor with the primarily red color scheme with few gold accents. But there are also black elements and that heart-shaped design on the chest armor, which is likely based on the Model 3 armor she uses in the comics, as seen below.

Another particular design element is the two thruster pods mounted on her back. This leads me to believe that this armor is a direct successor to the very crude one she initially makes. Speaking of which, we also have a better detail of that crude armor design which we’ll look at later.

As for the figure, it will come with two handheld weapons, replacement hands and blast effect parts. It will also come with an unmasked Riri Williams head which, at least from her hair, is quite similar to how she looked in the Wakanda Forever trailer.

We also have leaks of packaging of a figure from the basic toy lines showing the same armor along with Shuri and Namor. I’m actually more curious with Shuri here as it has been long speculated that she would be taking over as Black Panther with T’Challa’s passing. Oh, and there’s also Namor.

Now, let’s go back to that Mark 1 armor.

This image comes from an MCU-related Twitter account and while I am taking this with a grain of salt, it does have good resemblance with the Funko Pop figure we saw previously (you can check it out here). As I mentioned earlier, this prototype has the same thruster pods at the back that appear to make it to the latter version.

Both armors are supposed to appear in Wakanda Forever but then again, how about this one from the Ironheart set leaks?

It is assumed that Ironheart takes place sometime after Wakanda Forever, though this armor looks cruder and prototype-ish. Maybe Riri is making a new armor, and this is another prototype?

Regardless, I would definitely be getting figures of these armors once they come out!


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