Realization of True Transformation: HGAC Gundam L.O. Booster

Ever since Bandai Spirits started the G-Unit Re:Operation project back in 2019 as part of the Gundam Wing G-UNIT: Operation Galiarest manga launch, one of the two kits I was eager to get modern versions are the Gundam Griepe and the Gundam L.O. Boooster, as at the time, the Gundam Geminass got a (sort of) modern, albeit unlicensed, kit. It has taken them quite a while, but a couple of years have passed, and we are finally getting the new HGAC Gundam L.O. Booster as part of this project. And much like the previous kits, this one got design updates, and it’s more than just aesthetics.

This mobile suit is the upgraded form of the Gundam Geminass 01 through reinforced armor and parts that allow for transformation into a high-speed flight mode. As mentioned, this HGAC Gundam L.O. Booster kit got a redesign just like the Geminass 01/02 and Aesculapius before it. I saw this comment on Twitter and I totally agree that these designs are getting the SEED MG aesthetic for some reason. And speaking of Gundam SEED, this came at a time before large mobile suit backpacks were a thing.

Comparing with the Geminass 01, you can still see the similarities between these two mobile suits, though the upgrade path is now less obvious. The L.O. Booster carries the same arms and torso structure though the upper sections to the vents are different. The same goes with the leg units which have more armor compared to the slenderer ones of the Geminass.

Let’s do more comparisons, but with the older High Grade kit this time. The overall look is the same but specific parts on the torso, legs, and that large backpack unit are different enough that I’m actually keeping the old kit if I ever decided to build it.

But if we’re talking about differences, then a significant update that this new HGAC kit has over the old one is the change in transformation scheme. This kit adds a leg transformation that doesn’t require replacement parts and produces a pair of Expanded Claws to the flight mode.

If you recall, the old kit didn’t really transform and more of just the mobile suit planting itself face first and with the backpack just closing up for that twin nosecone look. This added transformation element gives the high-speed flight mode more of an animal-based aesthetic which matches those of the Wing Gundam and Gundam Epyon.

For weapons, the kit includes the standard loadout for the Gundam L.O. Booster, including beam sabers with beam effect parts, the Lightweight Accelerate Rifle, and Reactive Shield.

Now those weapons are all good, but this kit takes it one step further by also including effect parts for the Thrust Beam Cannons mounted on each shoulder. The effect parts are kind of similar to those used by the RG Nu/Hi-Nu Gundams but are specific to this kit. These, along with the multiple ways you can rotate and reposition the binders allow for very dynamic poses.

That’s three down and two to go for the original five G-Unit machines. But I won’t hold my breath for an immediate follow up with either the Hydra Gundam or Gundam Griepe as those would definitely take a while. In the meantime, having the Gundam L.O. Booster in modern High Grade standards is really a treat.

HGAC 1/144 Gundam L.O. Booster
October 2022 / ¥3,800


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