TFcon Toronto 2022: Mastermind Creations’ Reformatted R-48P Optus Prominon (“War Within” Optimus Prime)

TFcon Toronto 2022 happened last weekend, and one of the highlights of this Transformers-centric event is the third-party panel where, as you guessed it, we get a slew of new unofficial stuff announced. Unlike most Transformers collectors, I just focus on good old Optimus Prime, so my attention to these reveals immediately narrows down. And for this year, there’s only one item that caught my attention.

Building up on Mastermind Creations’ ridiculously articulated Optus Pexus (or Orion Pax from the IDW run of The Transformers) is Optus Prominon who is a recolor and a slight retool of the figure and is based off the The Transformers: The War Within books.

In case you need a refresher, Hasbro did a figure of this Optimus Prime design as part of their infamous Titanium Series line. In case you also need a refresher of what that line is, it’s their failed attempt on a die-cast figure line, hence the name. The line was plagued with problems and Optimus Prime over here was no exception. That said, what they did was actually a “War Within” Optimus Prime figure that looked good.

As for Optus Prominon, most of the metallic blue accents were replaced with yellow to match the source. Grills were also added to the front headlights to match the same. It also gets a bunch of weapons that could be attached in vehicle mode.

Getting a closer look at the figure, we see that the head does seem to have a slight remold, particularly on the round detail found on the lower left side when looked from the front. The optics are also colored differently to match. That said, I would’ve preferred it if they did the head much closer to the original, with the piston-like side details.

Whenever TFcon comes around, one announcement I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing is Mastermind Creations finally returning to their roots with a modern version of the debut piece, the Knight Morpher Commander. They did make an April Fool’s joke out of it back in 2021, but that also means they still have the design. So, until that figure ultimately happens, I’ll just have to get their other Optimus Prime takes that would make sense with my collection.


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