Today’s Robits: July 2022, Coincidentally Red

Robit” is an online slang used as alternative to the word “robot.”

Prior to my reboot of the site in 2019, I’ve been doing a series of posts recapping my monthly hobby purchases called “Today’s Robits.” I ultimately stopped them as I don’t see myself making purchases as regular or periodic as before. That said, I will make an exception for today’s batch. And to be clear, this package isn’t sponsored by site affiliate HobbyLink Japan, though if you want to get these and more, hit this link to check out what’s in stock.

I had these items shipped sometime last week and I didn’t realize that there’s something common with these items. They’re red. Yes, nothing too special though it’s also not often that I get a package that’s devoid of any Gunpla items. In fact, these are mostly MODEROID kits outside of the one Optimus Prime figure I also included, which is also very much red.

I also wanted to note that I already have quite a number of these fantasy-oriented mecha kits in the backlog, including both the Escaflowne and Scherezade from The Vision of Escaflowne, so I will definitely make a series of fantasy-oriented builds in the coming months.

MODEROID / Granzort
MODEROID / Rayearth, Spirit of Fire
MODEROID / Kuromukuro
Anti-Gravity Pedestal Tenseg Base / Optimus Prime


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