Tomino’s Evangelion: The Robot Spirits ⟨Side ANTIBODY⟩ Hime Brain Powerd

As revealed during last year’s Tamashii Nation 2021 online event, they are releasing the three Brain Powerd units from the series of the same name, Brain Powerd, as part of its 25th anniversary. Many have dubbed this series as Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino’s response to Evangelion. Well, just search for the opening of this series and you be the judge.

Going back, we are getting figures as I’ve mentioned, and they’ve opened solicitations for both Hime Brain Powerd and Nelly Brain Powerd. I will just focus on Hime Brain Powerd for this post, because.

This won’t be my first experience with this design as I got the old model kit, released back in 1996 I believe. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the best experience with that kit as that was my first time building a kit without polycaps, and I managed to break all its ball joints. I am assuming the experience should be much better with this figure.

For starters, it will come in accurate colors through a mix of pre-painted parts and selective use of clear orange plastic. It also has good surface detail sculpted, particularly on the head and the joints.

You can see on the right the use of clear orange plastic, the sculpted details for the joints, and the paint work on the other parts. Then shown on the left is another feature of this figure, the opening cockpit hatch. Similar to Turn “A” Gundam, a later Tomino work, the cockpits of these Brain Powerd units are also located in the crotch section. In the anime, the circular covers open like a membrane and the pilots come out. And so, these Brain Powerd units also come little pilot accessories, albeit unpainted, to recreate those scenes.

Brain Powerd units may have lanky designs, but they do provide good poseability, and those rather large armors don’t impede articulation. So, you could get your Hime Brain Powerd figure sitting leisurely as seen above. Similarly, you can put the figure in fighting poses just like in the anime, with the help of the weapons and accessories that it comes with. These include replacement hands/manipulators, replacement cockpit covers, and its two main weapons, the Brain Bar and Brain Blade.

Oh, and this is actually the second figure they’re releasing from Brain Powerd, with the first being Nelly Brain Powerd for some reason, and saving Yuu Brain Powerd for last. Regardless, I’ll probably just get Hime Brain Powerd over here.

The Robot Spirits ⟨Side ANTIBODY⟩ Hime Brain Powerd
October 2022 / ¥8,000

Personally, I find the price of this figure, and the other one, a little too much for what you’re getting? But then again, this is a niche series, and our only other option is an old model kit with terrible joint tolerances. And let’s not forget that all three Brain Powerd figures announced are Tamashii Web Exclusives.


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