Because “Henkei Gattai” Isn’t Enough! The Gattai “Mugen Gattai/Infinite Combining” Gurren Dan Lagann

As part of its 15th anniversary, Sen-Ti-Nel announced a fully transforming and combining Gurren Lagann figure, the RIOBOT “Henkei Gattai” Gurren Lagann. As if going with the spirit of the show of making everything as bonkers as possible, Good Smile Company also announced a Gurren Lagann anniversary tie-in figure. And yes, it is bonkers. Presenting The Gattai “Infinite Combining” Gurren Dan Lagann.

The concept is basically taking all the Gunmen of the Dai-Gurren members and mash them altogether to form one heck of a Gunmen, the Gurren Dai Lagann. Now, this concept isn’t exactly new as during the climactic battle in Gurren Lagann the Movie: The Lights in the Sky are Stars, the “Tengen Toppa” versions of the Dai-Gurren members’ Gunmen combined to form Chou Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann after a massive dosage of spiral energy. Now this guy isn’t exactly galaxy-spanning, but the concept is pretty much the same.

You can watch the sizzle reel below for some needed hype.

At the core of this 240mm tall figure is, of course, the titular Gurren Lagann.

We’re all too familiar with this design by now so I won’t go into details on this guy. Though a major difference between this version and the previous ones is the combining feature which is exclusive to this set. And as you’ve seen in the video above, it isn’t exactly the most elegant of combinations but heck, you don’t need elegance to pierce your drill to the heavens!

And that’s not to say this guy is a push over as it is standing at 150mm and is also very poseable to replicate the iconic scenes from the anime, including its signature Giga Drill Break attack.

Another highlight of this set are all the Gunmen of the Dai-Gurren members. As far as I know, we haven’t gotten any mainstream releases of these outside of possible garage kits. I don’t expect these guys to be as poseable as Gurren Lagann but we are getting seven other Gunmen, and eight if including Kiyalunga in weapon form. If you like completing everything, then you’ll have fun with this set of the included items alone.

But of course, the real highlight of this set is Gurren Dan Lagann which looks as ridiculous as anything from Gurren Lagann is. The combined form is made up of the individual Gunmen and spiced up with translucent green drill effect parts. It’s also solicited as a very poseable figure though we all know there are limits when talking about these combiners.

Its signature attack is a supersized version of the Giga Drill Break which is also made from translucent green plastic. This version of the Giga Drill Break can also be mounted on the body as the Giga Drill Spark and you can choose to mount it either on the front or back of Gurren Dan Lagann.

If after reading all of these and this set still doesn’t make any sense, then you’re in luck as Good Smile Company also released a video that would explain everything about this set. You can catch that video right below.

As for me, well, I already have the RIOBOT SRX taking much of my 2022 collecting budget so I’ll pass up on this guy. But I am definitely curious on how this will turn out.

The Gattai “Infinite Combining” Gurren Dan Lagann
November 2022 / ¥24,900
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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