Tamashii Nation 2021 Online: The Robot Spirits “Brain Powerd” #t_n2021

Immediately following the Bandai Spirits Hobby Division’s Hobby Next Phase 2021 Autumn, the Collector Division, or Tamashii Nations, had their own online event which featured a ton of figure prototypes and reveals. Quite frankly, there’s a lot to unpack from the last couple of days. But do take note that not everything revealed here guaranteed a release, as many hopes and dreams have been crushed by those “display only” tags.

Anyway, I’ll just cover the stuff I found personally interesting, including these right here.

Brain Powerd is a 1998 series from Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino and is supposedly his response to Neon Genesis Evangelion, or at least as the internet speculated thanks to its organic mecha aesthetic. Also, search for its opening sequence on YouTube and you’ll understand why.

During its broadcast, Bandai released one non-scale model kit for the Brain Powerd used by one of the main characters, Hime Utsumiya. It wasn’t the greatest kit and required all sorts of painting to be accurate. It also my first experience of a Bandai kit without any polycaps, and my build experience wasn’t the best to be honest. Anyway, the series getting a Blu-ray release in 2022 and in line with this, Tamashii Nations has revealed several (hopefully) upcoming figures. These figures will use the <Side ANTIBODY> sub-branding because I guess “AB” was already taken.

The Robot Spirits <Side ANTIBODY> Yuu Brain
The Robot Spirits <Side ANTIBODY> Hime Brain
The Robot Spirits <Side ANTIBODY> Nelly Brain

As you can see, these figures are very similar, especially for the Yuu and Hime Brains, with Nelly Brain unit only much more different with the larger head design, as well as their own unique weapons. But otherwise, they’re basically recolors, hence it would make total sense for Tamashii Nations to release these three.

The last time they did this was with Gasaraki, but I decided to stick with the older model kits, and I was right as they haven’t released anything other than the Raiden Armor. I’m hoping that won’t be the case for these Brain Powerd figures, especially with the upcoming Blu-ray release.


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