Buzzer Beater Builds! Work-in-Progress #3: HG Gundam Exia / Astraea

It’s just a day left before February 2022 comes to pass and it looks like these two kits will make my self-imposed deadline of being completed within the month. The primary challenge for these two kits is the need to paint all those gray details that are either supplemented by color-correcting seals or are just left to the builder to paint themselves. These included the various gray bits on the arms, legs, feet, the GN Drives, as well as the various weapons. And as much as I hated masking, I just went with it to get these two done.

In any case, I’m just glad to be pretty much done with these two. As for my next builds, I haven’t really thought that far ahead as I wanted to take a breather after these two. I can do something from IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS or even Reconguista in G, the latter of which I haven’t built any kits from. I could also go back to U.C. with the older HGUC Gundam GP01/Fb kits. In any case, there’s plenty of kits in the backlog to choose from.


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