EXVS Doing an SRW-OG? Gundam Extreme VS 2 XBoost: Project N-Extreme

For the past couple of weeks, Bandai-Namco Amusement has been teasing “Project N-Extreme”, which is tied to the arcade title Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS 2 XBoost. And earlier this week, we got an announcement which basically explains what it is and gives us a few points to speculate.

The project aims to develop original characters and mobile suits based on Gundam Extreme VS 2 XBoost and will expand into additional media, including Mobile Suit Gundam N-EXTREME, a new manga set to start this month over at Gundam Ace. I’m getting the same vibes here as Super Robot Wars: Original Generation, but this isn’t the first time this was done with the EXVS games. Gundam Ace also ran Gundam EXA, which their 10th anniversary project and is tied to the earlier EXVS entries.

And of course, we are getting new exclusive mobile suits for Project N-Extreme, two were first announced as part of the project unveiling. Both mobile suits also share the same aesthetic as previous game tie-in designs like the Extreme Gundam and all its variations.

First is the GNEX-005E N-Extreme Gundam Explosion which is the fifth N-Extreme unit as the name suggests. According to the official website, it’s a melee combat mobile suit with multiple weapons that I can’t pronounce the names. Also noticeable is its huge rear-mounted weapon system that when activated, expands into an E-shaped formation and glows.

The second mobile suit in the roster is the GNEX-004X N-Extreme Gundam Xanadu which is a medium to long-range combat mobile suit. Its primary weapon is the rear-mounted X-Unit which provides strong offensive and defensive capabilities. It can also use X-Dolls, AI-controlled variable form support units that transforms from Rifle Mode to Mobile Armor mode depending on the battle situation.

Both mobile suits are operated by the organization “G-Guardians” and you can check out the story and character details from the official website. You can also check out the character and mobile suit introductions of the ones above via the video at the bottom. As for me, I’m hoping they get kits out of these designs especially given its cross-media nature.


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