Taking Slower Than Expected. Work-in-Progress #2: HG Gundam Exia / Astraea Dual Build

The last time I presented these guys over a week ago, they’re pretty much busts with the main torso and head units completed. A week passed, and thanks to a lot of actual office work, I only managed to build the arms. Granted, each arm required two applications of paint, one for the gray strip on the outer side and another for the GN cables which would’ve been color-correcting stickers. Same goes for the hip assembly as both the front armors for the Exia and the rear for both required some paint application as well.

Next on the build list are the leg units, which also required the same amount of paint for the gray bits and the GN cables. I have already started painting the gray parts and would just need to do the GN cables for the thighs. As for finishing these kits, I’m not really optimistic for getting them completed this week, though I think I can spend more time as compared to last week, or at least I think I can.


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