Classic Yet Modern: Marvel Legends Iron Man (Iron Man Vol. 6)

We may not have an in-person Toy Fair this year, but that doesn’t stop companies from doing major reveals and announcements. For Hasbro, this one is more of a regular deal as they do these Fan First events almost on a weekly basis, focusing on a different license each time. They opened the week with a Marvel Fan First Monday which came with several Marvel Legends figures, and yes, we are once again getting an Iron Man.

Outside of limited stuff like Tech-On Avengers, this is the latest incarnation of the armored Avenger from the comics. It doesn’t have an official model designation as far as I know, but it makes its first appearance in Iron Man Vol.6 #1 in September 2020. Designed by Alex Ross, it has all the call backs from the classic Iron Man armor while taking inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe versions too.

You can also see how it has several Repulsor units similar to the “Bleeding Edge” armor or the Model 37. I also notice one discrepancy now that I get a good look at the comic book illustration. You can see how the bottom part of each foot is supposed to be yellow or gold, while the figure has it all red. This is probably Hasbro being cheap on additional paint applications.

I wanted to say this guy is likely an extensive retool of the 80th Anniversary Iron Man though it appears not to be the case, especially with how it uses the pin-less joints that they’ve rolled out to the newer releases. The figure itself looks okay, and it does get the design well, though the Repulsors could’ve used more colors instead of being plain white. And as with most Iron Man figures, it comes with the same set of blast and smoke effects you’ve probably have from previous releases.

Most will probably pass up on this as yet another Iron Man figure. But if you’re a completionist or simply an Iron Man collector, just like me, then this one is a must buy.

Marvel Legends Series Iron Man (Iron Man Vol.6)
Pre-orders start February 22 via Hasbro Pulse


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