So Shiny! MGEX Strike Freedom Gundam

Two years following the inaugural Master Grade Extreme release with the MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka, Bandai Spirits has announced its follow up. And while I have reservations for this particular mobile suit, I do agree that it does deserve a second take.

Yes, we are getting the MGEX Strike Freedom Gundam, and it also sets the precedent that not all MGEX kits would be Ver.Ka ones. Current 1/100 Gundam SEED kits, either the Master Grades or the Full Mechanics ones, have this very stylized aesthetic. Unfortunately, this makes the older releases like the MG Strike Freedom Gundam or the MG Destiny Gundam completely under-detailed and dated engineering. That’s why if they are to make a 2.0 of the Strike Freedom, this is the best approach.

Before going into the meat and potatoes of this guy, let’s have a look at the externals, or at least what we’re shown. As I mentioned earlier, this kit now has the same visual style recent Gundam SEED kits have, so it shouldn’t look out of place. It does look quite busy but if you’ve built many of these kits, you should be quite used to this.

Stripping of its external armor and we get the Extreme Point for this kit. Recall that each MGEX kit has an Extreme Point, which is the fifth fundamental feature of MGEX kits. For the Strike Freedom Gundam, its Extreme Point is the “Extreme Metallic Combination” which is basically the pinnacle of expressing the metallic look in kits, or as they phrase it:

In the second “Strike Freedom Gundam”, we will challenge the depth of “metal expression” with 3 types of special processing, 2 types of metallic molding, and a total of 6 patterns of etching seals.

It’s like they want you to buy this kit just to build the inner frame. Well, the only thing I can say is, this is likely the most under-gated kit Bandai Spirits has ever produced. To know more, check out this nifty (and shiny) promo video they released in time with the announcement.

MGEX Strike Freedom Gundam
Spring 2022


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