Correcting Past Mistakes! Work-in-Progress #1: HG Gundam Exia / Astraea Dual Build

I didn’t have much time last week, and I knew I won’t have much time this week either, so I really hoped to make a lot of progress from the HG Gundam Exia & Astraea I’m currently building. Only to be marred by a lot of tiny bits, and not not-so-tiny, needing color correction.

I mentioned last time how this isn’t my first HG Gundam Exia build, and part of reason I ditched my first build was how I ended up botching the shield. For those not familiar, the front of the shield only came in solid blue, which meant you’ll have to paint a huge chunk with white, and some gray trim in between. When I decided to pick this kit up as part of my next build, I knew I had to correct that past mistake.

And I think I did, according to my not-so-high standards. The shield came out great and gave me enough motivation to continue building throughout the weekend. Though as you can see, I was only able to build the head and torso of both kits. These required a lot of tiny color corrections which, for me, took longer than larger areas. With my schedule being loaded this week, I’ll probably continue building these kits next weekend, but I’m still optimistic regardless.


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