I Appreciate Star Wars Too! Star Wars: The Black Series Dark Trooper

I’m more of a Star Trek person than a Star Wars person, but I do appreciate the latter and how it’s relevant to my collection. I’m specifically talking about the various droid units you can see in the myriad of Star Wars media, like this guy.

I find it funny how they needed to explicitly mention the figure doesn’t fly.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan so I’m not really familiar with the origins of Dark Troopers, in-universe or production-wise. But they do make a statement during season 2 of The Mandalorian, regardless of how Luke Skywalker single-handedly took them out. And after a year or so, we’re finally getting them as Black Series figures.

THE MANDALORIAN fans and collectors can imagine scenes from the STAR WARS galaxy with this premium BLACK SERIES 6-INCH DARK TROOPER figure, inspired by THE MANDALORIAN. This STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES figure comes with five entertainment-inspired accessories that make a great addition to any STAR WARS collection. Fans and collectors can display this fully articulated figure featuring poseable head, arms, and legs, as well as premium deco, in their collection. The figure is detailed to look like the DARK TROOPER character from THE MANDALORIAN and features premium detail and multiple points of articulation. Available for preorder beginning 2/8 at 1pm EST.

I’m sure keen observers can identify which parts were reused from what, but I do think these look great, especially with that jet black glossy finish. I also noticed how the joints on this figure look similar to those from K-2SO. But you have to admit, those beaming red optics look quite intimidating.

The blurb also mentions five included accessories, which you can see in the packaging above. Each Dark Trooper will include a blaster, two effect parts and replacement hands/manipulators. As good as this figure looks, you might have to wait longer before getting one as it is slated to be released in Spring 2023, a year from now.

Star Wars: The Black Series Dark Trooper
Spring 2023 / $33.99


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