Just the Weapons, and a Leg? Work-in-Progress #2: MODEROID Ingram Double Build

Just chugging along with this double build and I’m a good portion of the way complete with both kits. With just the hands, weapons, and a leg of Unit 2. Unlike the upper sections, there’s not much need for waterslide decals on the legs so the build went much faster. Although speaking of decals, I previously mentioned how this is how they handle color correction instead of stickers. I used them for the most part, but I gave up on them for the waist unit headlights — i.e. those besides the license plate like thing. So, I just painted those, as well as the cable rolls on the crotch area.

I did want to comment on the assembly of the opening leg piece that stores the pistol. The opening armor attaches to the leg piece via small pegs on a not-so-secure piece, and it tends to get dislodged when you open the panel. I suggest gluing the piece to the leg and letting it dry before trying to open the panel, just to secure everything in place. In any case, I’m targeting to finish these kits by this weekend at the latest. But I haven’t thought of which kits to build next. Maybe something from Gundam 00 or Iron-Blooded Orphans perhaps?


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