One Month To Go! Work-in-Progress #2: HGCE Freedom / Strike Freedom Gundams

Coming out of my annual 3rd quarter build break, I immediately wanted to resume work on the HGCE Freedom / Strike Freedom dual build. To be honest, these two aren’t the most exciting of kits, but I still want to finish them before 2021 ends. Especially since I’m targeting to resume another build I placed on hiatus almost two years ago.

I’ve already completed the main body for both kits, but there’s still a lot to do, especially for the weapons. One thing I don’t like about Gundam SEED designs is how color placements are all over the place, especially on the weapons. And their HG counterparts would likely need a good deal of paintwork to get them color accurate. Not to mention the need to paint proper gold on the Strike Freedom’s joints.

In any case, I am optimistic that I’ll finish both within 2021. And it would be much better if I could fudge one more kit within December. But we’ll see.


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