Tamashii Nation 2021 Online: The Robot Spirits “Crossbone Gundam: Dust” Anchor #t_n2021

Tamashii Nations has been diving into late Universal Century stories, regardless of canon status, with their Phantom Gundam and Ghost Gundam figures as part of The Robot Spirits line. Both mobile suits appear in the manga Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Ghost which is set around the same time as Victory Gundam. I contemplated on getting either (or both) but decided to pass, with scale as the primary reason even though they look awesome.

I might not be able to resist buying this next reveal though.

Going a step further in the (questionably canon) U.C. timeline is Anchor, the protagonist mobile suit from the manga Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Dust which is set 10 years after Crossbone Gundam: Ghost. The story is set in a time where the colonies enter a “Space Warring States” period as the Earth Federation continues to decline. At the same time, mobile suit production becomes more difficult, with factions resorting to “mixing builds” which means cobbling up various parts to build mobile suits.

The Anchor was built in the same way, but more importantly, its core component came from the Gundam F89, part of SNRI’s Formula Project back when it started around 50 years prior. Being an early entry in the Formula Project, the Gundam F89 still has the previously standard mobile suit height of around 18 meters. And this gives me one less reason to pass up this figure.

The Anchor may look as janky has heck, but I really like the design. Unlike other protagonist mobile suits, it doesn’t have the tri-color scheme we’re used to, and some elements just don’t make sense. But all together, it looks coherent for some reason. In the course of the manga, Anchor gets four upgrades, with the latest being Anchor V4. That said, this figure represents the first version straight out of Gundam F89.

If you are decided on getting this guy, then it makes perfect sense to get both the Phantom Gundam and Ghost Gundam figures as well. I doubt we’ll get any Gunpla of these designs unless they become insanely popular or they get anime adaptations.

In any case, this guy is now in my radar of figures to look out for.


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