Bring out the Big Guns! HG Alteisen Revealed

Just a week after the HG Cybaster was released, Bandai Spirits immediately followed with the next Super Robot Wars OG kit to get the High Grade treatment, and they made a great pick for the second one.

Another classic design from the games, along with Cybaster is the Alteisen, making its debut as a High Grade kit from Bandai Spirits. If you’re fan of the franchise, you’ll probably know that this isn’t the first kit of the Alteisen we’ll be getting. Kotobukya has long released Super Robot Wars OG kits under their S.R.G-S line (I still don’t know what that acronym means). In fact, I still have their Alteisen and Alteisen Riese in the backlog. But according to a recent post on the official Super Robot Wars blog, there’s something different with this kit.

For this HG Alteisen kit, Bandai Spirits decided to use the design created by Masami Obari for the anime Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspectors, which is mostly similar but with a few stylistic differences, especially in the proportions. According to the same blog post, they actually had difficulty producing this version of the Alteisen in 3D. Previous models of the Alteisen had decent range of articulation, but since this is coming from Masami Obari’s design, the new kit should have a wider range to replicate very dynamic poses common to Masami Obari’s works.

You can see in this CG render how they incorporated multiple joints to produce torso twists, as well as tighter knee bends and unrestricted arm movement despite those massive shoulder armors. For gimmicks, the HG Alteisen features rotating parts for the Revolving Stake that can also swing out for maintenance. The side waist armors also have ports that provide customization options with other kits. Lastly, panels on both shoulder armors open to reveal hatches for the Square Claymore titanium bearings.

I can say I’m quite excited for this release, and while I haven’t bought the HG Cybaster, I now have more reasons to do so. Especially since I know some of its nuances and how to fix them, like those huge hollow claws on the feet.

HG Alteisen
December 2021 / ¥4,000
Order from HobbyLink Japan


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