Golden Joints! Work-in-Progress #1: HGCE Freedom / Strike Freedom Gundams

As a very casual builder that only paints to match color accuracy and seals everything with a flat top coat, having to do gold paint is always a hassle. Especially if these are for joint parts. But with my recent gold-painting splurge with the HGCE Strike Freedom Gundam, I may have found a workflow that works, I think.

Like previous builds, I also started these two with pre-work painting, and it’s pretty much all the gold bits for the Strike Freedom Gundam. Most of the initial work was painting these parts gold, hence I was only able to assemble the upper sections. It’s a much straight forward process for the Freedom Gundam though so I was able to build the same parts much quicker. You’ll also notice, albeit out of focus, the core fighter from the HGCE Turn “A” Gundam. Yes, I didn’t finish it prior to this dual build but there’s little work needed for this piece.

And as I previously mentioned, I already built a copy this kit as the Freedom Gundam Flame Feder so I already have an idea what parts needed painting and further detailing. On that note, I wanted to finish these builds by July, though I’m not really sure with the pace I’m currently going. Regardless, that’s the target. I’ve also yet to select my next builds, and while these two got me covered for both Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED DESTINY, I wanted the next ones to be still from the latter series.


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