Potential 2021 Gunpla of the Year! RG Hi-Nu Gundam

The RG Nu Gundam is considered by many as one of the best Gunpla releases thus far, so it’s no surprise that many got very excited with the announcement of the RG Hi-Nu Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack: Beltorchika’s Children. With the assumption that it is built and improved upon the same engineering as its predecessor, this kit is quickly up in the running as the best in 2021. And with solicitations opening up, more information regarding this kit has also been revealed, so let’s take a quick look!

Here’s the RG Hi-Nu Gundam completely decked out and just wow. With Real Grades known for their use of multiple tones for a single color, the simplified digital camo patters work so well, especially in the shield and fin funnels. The gold parts on the joints and leg vents look great as well. But what I really like is the proportions on this kit. To those unfamiliar, Yutaka Izubuchi made the original Hi-Nu Gundam design which featured bulkier proportions. Later on, he did a redesign that is much slimmer and was used in the HGUC and first Master Grade releases.

Prior to this kit, the only way we could have a representation of the original Hi-Nu Gundam at this size is through The Robot Spirits and Metal Robot Spirits figures. But based on this comparison between the RG and the HGUC kit, it looks like the former is also based on the original design with its larger proportions. You could also see the stark difference in detail between the two kits.

Despite the larger proportions, the solicitations mention that this kit will be very articulated through its “multi-link gimmick” where the corresponding armor slides when the joints are moved, exposing some of its inner mechanisms. The further accommodate articulation, the front armor slides sideward, and the lower back armor of the head unit slides upward to allow for those flight poses. The latter is a feature only seen in The Robot Spirits figures so I really appreciate how they’re now integrating it with Gunpla.

The Hi-Nu Gundam includes its standard load out of weapons and accessories, as well as this weapon holder piece though the images don’t show how it’s used. In addition, the you can definitely remove and deploy the fin funnels though I don’t think it would include effect parts to display them deployed. That would definitely be a Premium Bandai thing.

If you want a full Beltorchika’s Children display, then you would want to also get the HGUC Nightingale kit that will be released earlier by July.

Whether getting this kit or not isn’t really a question, though I’ve yet to build my RG Nu Gundam. Oh well, the backlog always has room for more!

RG 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundam
September 2021 / ¥4,500


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