“Gundam Build Real” Premium Bandai Exclusive Kits

Gundam Build Real, the live action drama installment of the Gundam Build franchise premiered around the end of March. Though unlike your usual Japanese drama, it looks like episodes will be released once a month, with episode 2 coming around the end of April. So while we wait for the next installment, Bandai Spirits has announced the Real Grade kits that would tie-in to the series. And of course, both are Premium Bandai releases.

Both “Nanahachi” or the RG RX-78-2 Gundam used by Team Bright, and the RG Zaku II used by Team Monstor have been revealed previously, though it looks like what we’ll get as Premium Bandai exclusives would be a little different. I assume this would be the final versions of these kits both teams would use later on in the story.

For Team Monster, instead of a normal Zaku II with a Tallgeese shield attached, they’ll instead sell the Team Monstor Custom of the RG Zaku II High Mobility Type. While for Team Bright, it’s still the same RG RX-78-2 Gundam albeit more blue than usual. Now I have forgotten how the color separation of the multiple shades of color is for this kit, but it looks like he other two tones of white will be replaced by two tones of blue. Any custom weapons these kits would use are not yet revealed. Though if you want to build the custom hyper bazooka “Armageddon” that appeared in episode 1, the official site has a page showing how you can customize one from the vanilla RG RX-78-2 kit.

No price or release information has been revealed though I don’t see myself getting either of these kits.


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