It’s Not Infinitism: HG Getter Arc

This ain’t exactly the newest of news as Bandai Spirits has teased this previously, but we’re now getting more details of the upcoming HG Getter Arc kit as part of the new Getter Robo Arc anime that’s set to drop in Summer of 2021. What’s particular about this kit is it will be the first from Go Nagai’s works that won’t have the ‘Infinitism’ banner. We also got the HG Getter Dragon (Infinitism) so I’m curious how this kit would stack up to the others.

Here are some CG renders of the kit and as mentioned, this is not an ‘Infinitism’ release so it doesn’t have those panels that those kits were known form. That said, it looks very faithful to the original Getter Arc design with the whole demonic aesthetic from those spikes at the back and that sharp head unit. They are also aiming for color accuracy thanks to good parts separation, especially for those green bits in the body and the head.

The kit comes with the signature weapons Getter Arc uses, including the double Tomahawks that combine, replacement Battle Shot Cutter parts for the forearms, as well as a replacement head with an open mouth.

I’m not yet totally sold on getting this kit, thanks to the different aesthetic and how it would scale. The ‘Infinitism’ kits are in 1/144 scale, so displaying them side-by-side provides a good reference of how big each is when compared to the rest. This one is technically a non-scale kit so I’m inclined to think that if you really can’t mix this with the previous ‘Infinitism’ releases. But let’s see once this comes out.

HG Getter Arc
September 2021 / ¥4,000


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