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BLOG: Tamashii Web Exclusive – THE ROBOT SPIRITS <Side MS> Nightingale

With everyone already tired of these "Ver. A.N.I.M.E." releases, it’s no surprise that many were glad when Tamashii Nations announced this ‘regular figure’ in THE ROBOT SPIRITS line. Any by no stretch can anyone consider this a regular figure. Years after releasing the Hi-Nu Gundam in both THE ROBOT SPIRITS and THE METAL ROBOT SPIRITS line, Tamashii Nations finally decided to give it an enemy.

No details have been revealed so far though come September 4 as of this post, Tamashii Nations is expected to drop more information regarding this figure. And yes, this is a web exclusive for those who aren’t used to these stuff.

  • THE ROBOT SPIRITS <Side MS> Nightingale
    Release Information: ¥22,800
    Video via Tamashii Web

BLOG: RE/100 Nightingale – Box Art

RE/100 Nightingale - Box Art Similar to the Real Grade line, Bandai has also given a short yet concise description of what the Reborn-One Hundred line is supposed to be, as seen in the box art of the RE/100 Nightingale:

"This plastic model series has an easy-to-assemble parts structure to significantly reduce assembly time, with no compromise to the sharp design and rich details of Master Grade quality."

This essentially explains the High Grade build level coupled with Master Grade level of details. That said, the packaging design is much simpler than the stylish one used by the Real Grades. This is then compensated by the gorgeous art of the Nightingale itself, making the seemingly-immobile mobile suit, mobile.

  • RE/100 Nightingale
    Release Information: Sept. 2014 · ¥8,000
    Image via Hobby Search

But yeah, not really a fan of text with color gradients.

BLOG: RE/100 Nightingale – Colored Prototype Shots

RE/100 Nightingale - Colored Prototype Shots Yeeeah, not really about the colored prototype shots. Here are some delayed thoughts about the Reborn-One Hundred line.

These kits are essentially better 1/100 scale ‘no-grades’ with details almost at par with Master Grades without the complexities of inner frames. What’s unique with this line is that Bandai can’t use it to release mainstream mobile suits since those are already covered by the Master Grade line, hence, they’ve gone unorthodox with the first three releases.

Will Bandai also use the line to release 1/100 kits from future Gundam series that they normally do as ‘no-grades’?

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BLOG: 1/100 Gunpla New Category – “Reborn-One Hundred”

Gunpla New Category - "Reborn-One Hundred" For a week or so now, Bandai has been teasing a new Gunpla category that will be in 1/100 scale. The last time that an announcement like this happened was during the launch of the Real Grade. And with Real Grades further erasing the boundary between High Grades and Master Grades, it’s about time that Bandai innovates the 1/100 scale Gunpla once more.

As the 53rd Shisuoka Hobby Show closes in, images of the supposedly new Gunpla category begins to appear. The “Reborn-One Hundred” (RE/100) line promises three projects:

  • MSN-04 II Nightingale
  • MSF-007 Gundam Mark III
  • RX-89GP04G Gundam Gerbera

Yup, they’re finally making a 1/100 Nightingale that’s not resin. Will this be a line that focuses on more obscure mobile suits?