Work-in-Progress: HG Gundam G40

Decided not to place a number on the title as I think the next post on this build would likely be its completion update. Anyway, as hinted in my HG G-Saviour build completion update, the next kit I’ll be building, and whether that would be my last for 2020, is the HG Gundam G40 (Industrial Design), part of the Gundam 40th Anniversary releases.

That’s a lot of steps for building a foot. Get it? Steps… foot? (via

If you’re one of the two people who were able to follow my builds, you’d have noticed that I’ve been building older, yet still relatively recent, kits. So I don’t know if this is just me getting caught off guard with the latest engineering, but this build is quite complicated for a High Grade.

As for the actual build, color separation is already excellent, the only paint I needed to apply were for those yellow shoulder vents which were originally unpainted. Also added detail paint to the knee armor vents and the thrusters under each foot. The only major painting I did was to do the blue color in a more classic Gundam blue as I didn’t really like the light blue they originally used.

If I’m able to finish this build within this week, then I’m looking at three more weeks before 2020 ends, which is enough time to build another kit. I haven’t decided on which one to build but I might continue with my original plan after the HGAW Gundam X/X Divider dual build.


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