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BLOG: Soul of Chogokin Full Action

Soul of Chogokin Full Action Just when you thought Tamashii Nations is now streamlining their various product lines, they’ve yet added another one and while appreciated, it’s also a little redundant.

So over C3 AFA Hong Kong 2018, they revealed the new Soul of Chogokin Full Action line which are essentially larger Super Robot Chogokin figures with the standard height of 180 mm. This means more articulation and stylish proportions but sans the transformations and combinations.

On the other hand, the standard 180 mm height also means that these will display nicely with METAL BUILD figures and most 1/100 scale Gunpla. And with the recent Super Robot Chogokin releases standing at around 160 mm, these SOC Full Action figures should blend to an extent.


BLOG: Super MiniPla Zambo Ace?

Super MiniPla Zambo Ace? The Bandai Shokugan / Candy Toy division is quite busy recently with their upcoming Super MiniPla Galient releases (with this collector unfortunately missing pre-orders) when they decide to show this guy all in its prototype glory.

To the unfamiliar, this is Zambo Ace, the core unit of Zambot 3. While they haven’t shown the latter, it won’t make sense if they didn’t eventually show Zambot 3 itself. Regardless, here’s Zambo Ace and the engineering they’ve put into the kit. It transforms into Zambird via parts-forming and while expected, what’s not is that the set also comes with dedicated parts to build Zambird itself. This allows the display of both Zambo Ace and Zambird simultaneously.

Really looking forward to this guy now and here’s hoping for wider pre-order windows.