Looks Unchallengeable: Super Minipla Trider G7

From left to right: Trider G7, Daitarn 3, Zambot 3… I think?

I’ve probably told this story in a previous post but I’m gonna tell it again just because. A couple of years ago, I went to a robot-themed local Japanese restaurant with heads of various super robots plastered all over the walls. And while I was able to identify most of them, I wasn’t able to do the same with the three shown above. Claims of not being a true mecha fan withstanding, I’m now much more able to identify and distinguish between these three thanks to recent figure or model kit releases. And we are getting another one in the ever growing Super Minipla line.

The next super robot to get the Super Minipla treatment is Trider G7 from the 1980 Sunrise anime Invincible Robo Trider G7 or officially translated (according to the packaging) as The Unchallengeable Trider G7. When you order this set, you’ll get three boxes inside to build various parts of Trider G7.

Box A contains parts to build the head unit and a transformed version, multiple replacement manipulators, wing parts, and weapons. The transformed head can be converted between its two vehicle forms while the non-transforming head unit has replacement face plates because super robots in the 80s emote along with their pilots. As for weapons, this box contains two Trider Sabers and the Trider Javelin.

Box B contains parts to build the torso and arms of Trider G7. It also comes with a blank chest plate to replicate the Trider Bird Attack where the emblem disappears and becomes like an energy field that surrounds the whole robot. Box C contains parts to build both legs.

When combined, you can transform Trider G7 into its two alternate forms. Yes, it has like 7 transformations but you’ll need another set to build the additional parts for those. For this set, you can transform Trider G7 into both Trider Cosmic and Trider Eagle modes. And because this is a transforming super robot model kit, you know how I handle such — I need to get two copies of course.

Super Minipla Trider G7
May 2021 / ¥5,400

As for that additional set, it is a Premium Bandai exclusive and comes with parts to build the Trider Shuttle and Trider New Shuttle. This will allow you to transform Trider G7 into its Trider Beagle, and two Trider Fortress modes. It also includes the Trider Beam Cannon.


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