One Shots / “Darling and the Galactic Pretty Boy”

Apprivoise! The sky cracked, showing an imagery of colors and glitter, and revealed Taubarn in all its English gentleman demeanor. Strelitzia looked in awe as it had never been in the presence of such magnificence. That is when Zero Two and Takuto first met, and the battle immediately turned in a different direction. A direction no one expected.

Today’s Robots: Twelfth-Scale and a Project

The previous incarnation of this blog had a recurring featurette showcasing the stuff I bought during a specific period, which are essentially new loot posts. It was called "Today's Robits" using a colloquial play on the word robot. And while that featurette didn't carry over the new incarnation of the blog, I might bring it … Continue reading Today’s Robots: Twelfth-Scale and a Project