One Shots / “Darling and the Galactic Pretty Boy”

Apprivoise! The sky cracked, showing an imagery of colors and glitter, and revealed Taubarn in all its English gentleman demeanor. Strelitzia looked in awe as it had never been in the presence of such magnificence. That is when Zero Two and Takuto first met, and the battle immediately turned in a different direction. A direction no one expected.

#3004 / The Robot Spirits ⟨Side FRANXX⟩ / Strelitzia

Around June, I decided to bust out the paints and fix the color fade issue on my Taubarn figure with the intent of taking photos with Strelitzia. If you notice similarities between the two, that's because both were from the same mechanical designer Shigeto Koyama. Unfortunately, I misplaced Strelitzia with my model kit backlog pile … Continue reading #3004 / The Robot Spirits ⟨Side FRANXX⟩ / Strelitzia