HGUC Nightingale: Box Art & Straight Build Preview

In a couple of weeks’ time, Bandai Spirits is going to release yet another one of these kits no one thought they would, the HGUC Nightingale from Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack – Beltorchika’s Children. It will be released a couple of months before its rival unit, the RG Hi-Nu Gundam. While there have been resin kits of the Nightingale, this would just be the second official plastic kit following the RE/100 version which also opened that line.

Anyway, let’s check out the box art!

Much like other HGUC kits not from an animated production or game, it doesn’t have a series logo printed, but it does have other mobile suits many have immediately pointed out when this image was dropped. First we get the α Azieru on the upper left and the Hi-Nu Gundam on the right. I doubt we’ll get an α Azieru HGUC kit but what’s more interesting is the Psycho Doga at its bottom taking out that random Jegan. To those unfamiliar, the Psycho Doga basically replaces the Jagd Doga in Beltorchika’s Children along its pilot Grave Guss replacing Gyunei Guss. And while Tamashii Nations released an online exclusive Psycho Doga figure under The Robot Spirits line last year, many would still want a kit of it so their fingers are now crossed.

Going back to the actual Nightingale, Bandai Namco Korea also released a straight build preview video of the kit three weeks ago. Yep. Anyway, the preview shows how poseable this kit is despite the huge parts and massive proportions. You can check it out below.

Yes, call me surprised as I’ve never seen the Nightingale in an actual dynamic pose, so that’s already a huge plus for the kit. It also appears those multiple thruster units on the funnel binders are properly color-separated parts, especially for the orange internals. The same can’t be said for the rear waist armor thrusters as they appear to be color-correcting seals. The funnels are also removable to reveal mechanical details underneath, though it doesn’t come with any effect parts to display them deployed. What you can deploy are the sub-arms under the front waist armors. Each can hold a beam saber and let you quadruple-wield them, which totally looks awesome.

Either way, while I don’t have any plans on getting the HGUC Nightingale, I can see all reasons why many would want to. I mean it is the Nightingale, a design many wished for affordable kits and we’re finally getting them.

HGUC 1/144 Nightingale
July 22, 2021 / ¥7000
Order from HobbyLink Japan


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