One Shots / “Nostalgia Gundams”

Back in the late 90s, I often found myself rushing to get home from school to catch the latest Gundam episodes from a local TV station. Starting with Gundam Wing, they followed with G Gundam and finally, Gundam X. And that's how I got started in this rabbit hole of a hobby that continues to … Continue reading One Shots / “Nostalgia Gundams”

Double Build Complete: HGFC Shining Gundam

I only realized this now, but completing this double build of the HGFC Shining Gundam is a nice follow up to the previous dual build of the HGBF Build/Try Burning Gundam, with the latter's builder, Sekai Kamiki being a student of the former's pilot, Domon Kasshu. It was a relatively easy build, you just need … Continue reading Double Build Complete: HGFC Shining Gundam

Shining Finger(s)! Work-in-Progress #1: HGFC Shining Gundam

Having bought most of the supplies I can get my hands on, I'm resuming double builds with this guy, the HGFC Shining Gundam. Why am I doing a double build of this kit? To answer that, here's a quick story. This isn't the first time that I've build this kit. Around 2016, I almost finished … Continue reading Shining Finger(s)! Work-in-Progress #1: HGFC Shining Gundam

High Grades out of Nowhere!

If you found the recent Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE and High Grade BUILD DiVERS:R announcements a bit on the underwhelming side, don't fret as Bandai Spirits still has a couple of tricks off their sleeve. And these latest two really came out of left field. With their recent slew of non-Universal Century grunt High Grades, … Continue reading High Grades out of Nowhere!