And Yes, More Official Images: “Transformers Legacy: Evolution” Armada Universe OPTIMUS PRIME

As much as everyone has probably seen leaks and reviews of this guy, I still prefer to get official photography from Hasbro. And now that pre-orders for Transformers Legacy: Evolution Armada Universe Optimus Prime are now up, so are the official photos.

For starters, and as much as collectors craved for a modern take on Armada Optimus Prime based on a toy show in Japan some years ago, this is a completely different mold. This one is more faithful to the original design, albeit with the usual G1-nification of Legacy figures, while the prototype we saw is more of a stylized take. I’m not really sure what prevented Hasbro or Takara Tomy to pursue that original design but I’m still glad we’re getting a modern version with this figure.

Improvements from the original include full articulation, comparable or even surpassing “bendy Prime” or the non-combining STD/Deluxe class version of this figure, as well as the smokestacks now being in silver unlike the transparent plastic of the original.

We have several alternate modes and configurations before we go into Super Mode. The full truck and trailer configuration is, again, close to the original, without all the unnecessary clunkiness thanks to any gimmicks. The trailer can also stand on its own when the cab section is removed and, of course, we get a base gimmick. I personally certainly can do without one, but I guess there will be some folks looking for one.

Finally, the highlight of this Commander class figure is the modern version of the Super Mode, all in its articulated glory. If you recall, the original figure had this motorized gimmick that automatically transforms the trailer into the lower half of the Super Mode and is ultimately a “traffic cone” in action figure terms with zero articulation. I can’t say anything more than what has been said on the reviews online so you can check those out for more details.

What these early reviews didn’t get the show, likely due to the way their copies were obtained, is the packaging of this figure. These Commander class packages have some of the best illustrations from the whole line, and Armada Optimus Prime over here is no exception. It doesn’t have any windows, much like previous releases in the same price point and you get to see all features and gimmicks at the back.

Days since pre-orders have opened, most online shops have already sold out on this guy, which just proves how much collectors have anticipated this figure. If you haven’t secured a copy, I wish you luck in finding one.

Transformers Generations – Legacy: Evolution Armada Universe OPTIMUS PRIME
September 2023 / $89.99



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