MODEROID or Some Unicorns? HGUC Gundam GP01/Fb Dual Build Complete

And that, my friends, is how I finally got a Stardust Memory entry in my collection. I had two goals when I started this build back at the beginning of February. First is to finally get Gundam 0083 High Grades in my backlog built as ‘series representatives’ if you will. And second is to have a basis of comparison when my copy of the HGUC RX-78 MS00Z Gundam GP00 arrives.

I’m just displaying both Core Fighters here as my previous work-in-progress updates more or less shows both mobile suit units completed. Both kits came with the same shield and required the same paint application and are pretty straight forward. I also replaced the ‘toothpick’ beam sabers with spare beam effect parts from other kits.

As to what would be my next builds following these are still up in the air. I’m thinking of probably a MODEROID Granzort or Escaflowne dual build, or even an SMP double build of either Trider G7, Zambot 3, or Daitarn 3. Or even the HGUC Unicorn Gundam kits in both Unicorn and Destroy Modes — because yes, as much as Bandai Spirits has milked that HGUC Unicorn Gundam mold, I’ve yet to build myself one.



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