HG Gundam Aerial Rebuild: Straight Build Preview

Just a few weeks ahead of its release in March, Bandai Namco Korea over on their YouTube channel dropped a straight build preview of the HG Gundam Aerial Rebuild that debuted in the season one finale of Gundam the Witch from Mercury. And you can check it out right below!

The things I’m primarily looking at in this preview are the amount of stickers-slash-the amount of paint needed to make this kit accurate to the design. And for the most part, the color-correcting stickers are found on the shield, which is good because that’s more or less the same with the first Gundam Aerial kit.

We also see the return of optional red optical and forehead camera stickers, which they also included with HG Gundam Aerial but weren’t really seen in the series. Same with the beam sabers as this kit comes with blue effect parts. In season one, Gundam Aerial was mostly fighting school duels, and these required the use of lower powered beam weapons, hence the green beams seen in the series. But the kit didn’t come with those and instead had blue beam effect parts, which are for high power combat-grade weapons. I doubt we’d return to carefree mobile suit school duels in season two so I’m expecting more blue beams.

And of course, the kit can replicate the extended beam rifle shot seen in the season one finale through the use of replacement parts. You can also connect the individual GUND Bits as seen in the series as well.

Overall, there’s nothing really new, but at least you can plan how you want to build this kit with this preview.

HG 1/144 Gundam Aerial Rebuild
March 18, 2023 / ¥1,700
Order via HobbyLink Japan



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