This Could be my First POSE+ Figure? POSE+ Metal Trycharger & JJ

POSE+ is one of those relatively new companies that has been gaining traction in the mecha collecting market recently thanks to their high-end releases, case in point the POSE+ Metal GaoGaiGar figure. That said, these figures are “too high-end” for my budget range, not to mention most of them are too large to fit my collection. But they recently announced a figure that has caught my attention. Primarily due to the size and relatively less expensive cost (the latter being subjective by the way), but also somewhat of a response to another collecting itch I’m trying to scratch.

Sen-Ti-Nel has been doing figures of the ride armors from Genesis Climber Mospeada and while I want to get at least one because they totally fit my collection, I found them too expensive for my price range. It also doesn’t help that my recent experience with their RIOBOT SRX set kind of diluted this collecting itch. So, when POSE+ announced their POSE+ Metal Tri-Charger & JJ set, this somewhat caught my attention.

To those unfamiliar, myself included, the Trycharger comes from the series Red Photon Zillion. Here’s the plot according to good old Wikipedia:

“Zillion” takes place on the planet Maris in the year 2387. Around this time, the Nohzas (ノーザ, Nōza) civilization, led by Empress Admis, started a genocide program to kill all humans in order to lay eggs and reproduce on the planet. Three mysterious guns dubbed the “Zillion Weapon System” appear and three teen soldiers (JJ, Champ, and Apple) are chosen to wield them as a task force called White Nuts (ホワイトナッツ, Howaito Nattsu) (W.N.) (known as the White Knights in the English version), whose purpose is to fight back against the Nohzas.

If you’re curious, you can easily find the episodes after a quick Google search. As for the figure, it looks good, and it doesn’t appear to be as complicated to transform as the RIOBOT Ride Armors. It’s also a non-scale figure though it would probably best fit with 1/18 scale figures or something similar. Trycharger is at 180mm in buggy mode and 154mm in armorator mode. Yes, it transforms as you can see below.

It can convert to-and-from its three modes, buggy, kneeled, and armorator forms. As with most transforming figures, the immediate question people ask is how stable it is. To help answer that, and since this is part of the POSE+ Metal series, they did show how much of the figure are die-cast parts.

Shown in buggy mode, the die-cast parts include the internal structure that holds all modes together. They also help hold the figure in the other two modes. Both feet are also die-cast which should provide more stability in armorator mode. Each wheel is also made from rubberized PVC for extra grip, though I hope the material they use would last a long time.

On that note, here’s the Trycharger in armorator mode. The use of caution and other markings add more to the realism and make it look less toyetic. It comes with replacement manipulators/hands for more display options as well as its standard weapon set.

Let’s not forget its pilot, JJ. He’s also non-scale at 100mm but, as mentioned, you can probably fit him with most 1/18 scale sets. He’s also quite articulated and comes with the Zillion, and New Zillion and can be displayed in use or holstered.

JJ also comes with multiple helmet parts for even more display options. And, as you can see here, he has enough articulation points to ride Trycharger without looking awkward, as other figures sometimes tend to do.

As mentioned, this would be my first POSE+ figure if I decide to push though with the purchase. While I may know next to nothing about its source material, I do like the mechanical design of the Trychaser to warrant a possible purchase. The release is still a year away so you could pre-order today and forget it tomorrow.

POSE+ Metal Trycharger & JJ
October 2023 / ¥25,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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