#3010 / RIOBOT / R-2/Powered [Real Personal Trooper Type-2/Powered]

As of this post, I have taken photos for all three RIOBOT SRX Project units, so I can say I have enough leeway to finally release these two galleries. Much like the R-1, both R-2 and its R-2 Powered upgrade had some issues but, I did have a relatively better experience with the latter, especially when not dealing with loose parts. So, let’s go back to this ambitious set with the RIOBOT R-2/Powered by hitting both of the links below. Enjoy!

The CATALOGUE — #3000 / Mecha — #3010A / RIOBOT / R-2 [Real Personal Trooper Type-2]

The CATALOGUE — #3000 / Mecha — #3010B / RIOBOT / R-2 Powered [Real Personal Trooper Type-2 Powered]


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