(Not so) Plastic Crack: Possible HGAC Altron Gundam Color Study

Bandai Spirits just released HGAC Shenlong Gundam last week, much to mine, and every Gundam Wing completist’s, delight. Reviews suggest that it is a great kit, and I can’t wait to build mine. One reason I particularly like the Shenlong Gundam design is its use of the iconic Gundam tricolors, which is also why I’m not that thrilled to get Gundam Heavyarms.

That said, the tricolors weren’t exactly retained after the Altron Gundam upgrade, and it becomes mostly green. And I’m not exactly a fan of green-colored mobile suits. So, in typical personal fashion, here’s a color study of how I’ll likely repaint a potential HGAC Altron Gundam.

It’s just a straight recolor of the blue-green parts to the same shade of blue used by most Gundams, and it looks good to me. Now, I probably won’t do the same whenever they do release an RG Altron Gundam EW kit, but at least that’s my plan for the HGAC kit of the TV version.


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