#3010A / RIOBOT / R-2 [Real Personal Trooper Type-2]

Product Line / RIOBOT
Scale & Class / Non-Scale Transforming & Combining Collectible Figure
Manufacturer / Sen-Ti-Nel
Release Date / 2022
Appearances / Super Robot Wars Original Generation

From a game series that allows mecha crossovers across multiple titles, the Super Robot Wars franchise has delved into its own rich lore with Super Robot Wars Original Generations. Not limited by the boundaries of the “super robot” and “real robot” mecha subgenres, there’s no better representation of these subgenres fusing together than the SRX or Super Robot Type-X. It’s a behemoth of a super robot formed by the combination of three Real Personal Trooper units, all fitting the real robot archetype. The concept is also borderline ambitious that we often see the SRX and its components as completed figures or model kits that forgo any transformation and combination due to complexity. At least, until Sen-Ti-Nel announced that they’ll release a transforming and combining SRX set as part of their RIOBOT line. After several delays, we finally have the complete set and we’ll now look at the second machine, R-2, in its base configuration.

R-2, or Real Personal Trooper Type-2, is the second unit in the SRX Project and is a heavily armored long-range machine. Besides its tactical function, it also contains the Tronium Engine when combined as the SRX, thus providing another necessity for its heavier armor. The same is true for the RIOBOT figure with its stocky proportions and more limited articulation when compared to the R-1 and R-3, though it can still do slightly dynamic poses. It has a solid build thanks to the use of die-cast internals but like the R-1, there are a couple of issues to note. The wrist assembly can pop out at times due to the transformation, but not as loose as my copy of the R-1. You can also accidentally disassemble the lower legs thanks to how it’s designed for the transformation. That said, both aren’t detrimental to the play value of the figure. In its base configuration, the R-2 doesn’t have weapons outside of the Magna Beam Rifle. It does have the Wired Beam Chakram sculpted and painted on its right forearm, but that’s just for display. Speaking of display, it also comes with a base, which is especially helpful when you attach the larger upgrade parts for its R-2 Powered configuration.