It Should’ve Been Gundam ✕ Transformers! Bandai Spirits ✕ Takara Tomy Collaboration: Chogokin Liger Zero

A couple of days ago, Bandai Spirits and Takara Tomy, two companies holding the licenses for two of the largest robot-based properties, released an overly dramatic teaser video of their upcoming collaboration, dubbed as “Dream Together.” This immediately drew the curiosity and speculations of many hobbyists and collectors, with most asking the same question. “Are we finally getting a Gundam ✕ Transformers collaboration?”

Well, Tokyo Toy Show 2022 opened today, and they finally unveiled the curtain, literally, on what this collaboration is all about. And it is NOT the Gundam ✕ Transformers collaboration fans speculated, much to their disappointment. Instead, it’s a collaboration between multiple brands, the first of which is Chogokin ✕ Zoids in the form of an upcoming Chogokin Liger Zero figure. This does make some sense as the mechanical details of these Zoids designs could be best realized in a Chogokin figure, outside of Kotobukiya’s HMM line. The figure is slated for a 2023 release at a yet to be released price.

The other collaboration they revealed is Tomica ✕ Gundam in the form of a Tomica White Base die cast model.

I’m not sure if this is everything they planned for this collaboration, but I agree with most in the hobby that not having a Gundam ✕ Transformers project is sort of a missed opportunity. But then again, I guess they just want to have the revenue from these two properties within their own backyards. Also, Hasbro also owns Transformers so that might’ve added complications. We’ll see. In any case, you can check out more details in this video, albeit only in Japanese.


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