One Shots / “That’s Just Prime, Part 2”

Two years ago, I made this One Shots entry called “That’s Just Prime” to quickly account for the numerous Voyager class Optimus Prime figures being released at that time. Skipping forward to the present, I’ve been catching up on several third-party Optimus Prime figures and just like before, I wanted to quickly account those in my collection. Also, because they really look good standing stoic right there.

Reformatted / Optus Pexus (Orion Pax, The Transformers vol.1)
Perfect Combiner / Jinrai Prime (Optimus Prime [Powermaster Optimus Prime])
Function X / Positum (Alligatorcon / Optimus Prime)
Revive Commander (Optimus Prime)
Cross Dimension / Striker Manus (Optimus Prime)

Check out the full One Shots galleries by clicking here.


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