Maybe I’ll Finally Get This One? Hiya Toys’ Exquisite Super Robocop

I’ve always wanted to add a RoboCop figure in my 6-inch or 1/12 scale collection. I also had multiple chances to get one. There was a Figma version that kind of looked like RoboCop had an anime filter on it. Then there were several MAFEX figures for its various appearance in the film franchise, and those did look good, but I still passed up on them. Then there are the slightly larger ones like those from NECA or Good Smile Company’s Hagane Works version. Still passed up on them though, mainly due to their size.

And now comes Hiya Toys, who already does RoboCop in the 1/18 scale as part of their Exquisite Mini line and decides to venture into the 1/12 scale with their new Exquisite Super RoboCop.

As mentioned, this is a 1/12 scale figure, and being a robot, RoboCop stands at around 6.5 inches. Most of its armor would be made from die-cast so this figure promises to be quite hefty. It also has 23 points of articulation so while it may not be able to do dynamic poses, its movements should be accurate to the films. RoboCop will also have its signature gimmick of its right thigh opening up to store its Auto-9 pistol. The set will also come with two versions of Auto-9, one meant for storage and the larger one for display when in use.

The tease also suggests battle damaged replacement chest armor and head visor to replicate how it appeared during the climax of the film, as well as other face parts for different expressions. And on that note, I’ll just let the next photo show all the accessories this figure will come with, which really looks like the complete package.

No release specifics are available at this time, nor are solicitations open. But the Exquisite Super RoboCop is slated to be available by Q4 2022. And this appears to be the RoboCop figure I’ll finally get.

Exquisite Super 1/12 RoboCop
December 2022 / ¥17,050
Pre-order via HobbyLink Japan


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