Yep, Still Not Gunpla Level. Build Complete: Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Zoffy/Ver. Z

As I mentioned in yesterday’s work-in-progress post, I was targeting to finish this kit by the weekend, which I fortunately did. I definitely have some thoughts as this is my first Figure-rise Standard kit, and how it’s different from modern Gunpla, or even their Amplified sub-brand.

The build process is comparable to a modern High Grade, though parts separation is a bit of a hit and miss. The kit includes a sizeable sticker sheet, so expect a lot of painting to get things color accurate. That said, these weren’t the most time-consuming masking job I did for a kit, though I wouldn’t say the same for their Kamen Rider kits. I also found how the good parts separation in the head and torso became simple parts sandwiching on the forearms and lower legs a little disappointing. And despite being an “action” kit, there’s still a lot to be desired when it comes to articulation, especially for an armored suit that does a lot of dynamic poses.

Regardless, I can still myself getting more of these kits, especially with season 2 of ULTRAMAN and that massive Jack Suit on the horizon, not to mention all those other suits they can dish out from the Ultraman Suit Another Universe side story. I would also want to catch up on the previous “action” releases, being the completionist that I am. As for the next kit on the build pipeline, I’m still deciding on that one.


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