Arms and Legs Please? Work-in-Progress #2: Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Zoffy/Ver. Z

Season 2 of ULTRAMAN is set to drop later this week as of this post, so I really wanted to finish this kit right around the same time or prior. And I think I’m almost there, with this pic being my progress as of last Friday. I was able to complete most of the kit and the exclusive weapon yesterday so I’m just left with building the hands.

As I previously mentioned, I decided to leave the silver plastic parts as they are and put a good layer of flat top coat all over the kit. This gives off that functional and industrial powered suit look, with the silver pieces looking like bare metal panels, as compared to something like an Iron Man suit. Those swirls from the injection process even add to the aesthetic. This also led me to search for which silver paint best fits this finish and Tamiya’s trusty Silver Leaf does the trick.

That said, parts separation is a mixed bag for a modern kit like this. On the head and torso sections, they are excellent. But on the arms and legs, they are quite basic, like halves sandwiched together. I’ll probably have more details on these observations once I have a chance to do a proper photoshoot with this kit. In any case, I will likely finish this guy before season 2 of ULTRAMAN drops so all’s good.


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