Overtaking the Backlog! Work-in-Progress #0: Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Zoffy/Ver.Z

This kit is one of the more special ones compared to the rest of the backlog as it’s a gift from an amazing person. It’s not often you get to meet people you get along with really well quite easily, especially after the world basically changed two years ago. So, I really, really appreciate the gesture and will definitely pay forward with equal or greater gesture of appreciation.

If I remember correctly, I mentioned a couple of possible kits to follow my Entry Grade Strike Gundam build. And nope, I am not building any of those. In fact, they are going to be overtaken in the backlog priority queue by Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Zoffy -Action- over here thanks to a couple of reasons. The first is as I stated in the opening blurb, and second is to hype myself for season 2 of ULTRAMAN dropping this April.

To those unfamiliar, Ultraman Suit Zoffy, or Ultraman Suit Ver.Z is the upgrade of Protosuit we saw earlier in the story and used by Shin Hayata. Being an upgrade of the Protosuit, it has a striking resemblance to Shinjiro’s Ultraman Suit. This is also the same with how Zoffy resembles the original Ultraman from the Showa-era shows.

I’ve always wanted to get one of these ULTRAMAN Figure-rise Standard kits, but I’m held back by how I wanted to approach silver parts. That is to whether to keep them as they are and put a coat of matte finish, or apply silver paint then put a coat of matte finish. Regardless of how I’ll handle these parts, I am quite excited to build this kit, and hopefully build the rest in the line if everything turns out great.

If you want a copy of this kit, or others in the Figure-rise Standard/Amplified line, then head over to HobbyLink Japan and get yours now!


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