More or Less Complete: Entry Grade Strike Gundam

Just a quick update and probably the only work-in-progress post I’ll make for the Entry Grade Strike Gundam. I started this build over the weekend, and I was once again reminded of how they were able to make such a color-accurate kit with a low parts count through clever engineering and parts design. This is very notable on the head unit where the distinct colors are made from actual plastic parts, sans the forehead cameras.

That said, I still needed to fill some details, mostly the vents with black and the feet thruster units in gray. Oh, and I have yet to build the shield and beam rifle, but I don’t think I’ll encounter more challenges with those.

So, the question for me is, did this quick build help me decide on which kit to build next? Sort of, I do have a list of possible kits to do dual builds. First are the HG Juggernaut and Reginleif, both from 86 -Eighty Six- which would finally make a return after a two-month hiatus on March 12. I’m also looking at dual building the HGUC Gundam GP01 and GP01Fb. Lastly, I might do another single build with the HG Dragonar-1 Plus Lifter-1. Regardless of which kit I choose, taking that little break with this guy was much appreciated.


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