Still on Mid-Season Upgrades: MODEROID Super Granzort

Good Smile Company previously released a MODEROID Granzort kit, and I missed it. They then had a reissue scheduled for June this year, and I also missed it. Now they are doing a MODEROID Super Granzort kit, and I’m scouring corners of the secondary market to get my hands on Granzort. My problems with getting the first Granzort kit aside, here are some details regarding this kit.

While, I think, these are CG renders, these look amazing and fairly color accurate right out of the box. With the way colors are applied in the design, I’m pretty sure the folks at Good Smile Company would’ve found a way to have proper parts and color separation. Though I’d also expect that there would be some pre-painted parts, especially on the head or even the sword hilt.

The one important gimmick this kit definitely has is the transformation from Face Mode to Battle Mode, which mainly involves parts folding in all sorts of ways. And as you can see, it will also include a display stand for displaying Super Granzort floating in Face Mode. The solicitation also mentions the inclusion of multiple Zora Crown parts, again one for Face Mode and the other in Battle Mode.

Super Granzort also comes with the weapons and accessories seen in the series, including the Super Erde Kaiser (which I think is the sword) and can be displayed in its normal form or with flame magic effects through replacement of translucent effect parts. Translucent effect parts are also used on the jewel pieces on the torso and shoulder armors. Lastly, the base of the display stand can also double as a magic circle for ground poses.

I really like how Good Smile Company took ownership of these more fantasy-oriented SD mecha series and are giving them proper model kits. I’m really hoping Bandai Spirits does the same with the Wataru franchise as I’m not really keen on getting those NXEdge Style figures. We’ll see.

MODEROID Super Granzort
October 2022 / ¥4,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan

MODEROID Super Winzart
October 2022 / ¥4,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan

MODEROID Super Aquabeat
October 2022 / ¥4,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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