Box Art Extravaganza… Not! Work-in-Progress #0: HG Gundam Exia & Gundam Astraea Dual Build

Following the MODEROID Ingrams, I’ve set my sights once again on Gunpla, and to a particular series I wanted to return to.

It’s also nice to see how Naochika Morishita’s packaging illustrations went from a cell-shaded style…
… into something more akin to his usual style.

Nope, this is not a box art extravaganza post for decade-old kits, but these are the ones I’m dual-building next — the HG Gundam Exia and HG Gundam Astraea. Outside of the HG 0 Gundam [Type A.C.D.], I don’t have any other built Gundam 00 kits. I do have the Designer Colors version of the HG 00 Raiser, but I consider that kit as non-canon to my collection. I did build a copy of the HG Gundam Exia way back when, but I decided to scrap it as I wasn’t really satisfied by how it turned out (despite my relatively low standards). So, it’s really more like starting from scratch with the HG GUNDAM 00 line.

As this is work-in-progress #0, I don’t have substantial updates. But I did start with painting the clear GN Condenser parts in clear green. Because Bandai Spirits and its infinite wisdom decided not to, which I guess is for customizers. I will likely follow up with Exia’s GN Shield since it only comes in solid blue.


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