A Good Change of Pace! Build Complete: MODEROID Ingram 1 & 2

After a couple of weeks, I’ve now finished the double build for the MODEROID Ingram 1 & 2 kits from Good Smile Company. I was really satisfied by it, and while it isn’t the same level of engineering as a Bandai Spirits kit, it did allow me to practice stuff like applying waterslide decals. Yes, I know seasoned modelers do this like every time, but I don’t get to do this often since Bandai Spirits doesn’t include decals on their kits.

It’s also nice to finally have Patlabor representation in the collection, especially with more kits on the way based on the recent Mecha Smile Impact reveals. As for my thoughts on the builds, the kits are great, but not perfect. I already mentioned how the details are a bit softer than those on Gunpla, Articulation is okay, but both elbows and knees are limited to 90-degrees which I guess is a trade-off to the whole cloth-covered look of the joints.

Regardless of these, I’m still looking forward to building the Type Zero and Peacemaker, as well as getting the newly announced Valiant, which I’ve yet to post on the news. And speaking of stuff to look forward to, I’ve decided on the next kits on the cutting mat so stay tuned if you’re curious.


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